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John F. Kennedy

From an Alabama ex-pat amigo who provided “The Perfect Czech” forward in yesterday’s USA 2012 Veterans Day homily – minority report post:

Sloan I read intensely your response re: the Curley effect. VERY interesting. As relates to the article in Prague Newspaper as far as the electorate vs the elected….it’s like which comes first the chicken(shit) or the egg! My best, NGR

[NGR = North Georgia Redneck]


Yesterday’s editorial in The Key West Citizen lamely tried to make amends for Sunday before the election’s editorial endorsing Mitt Romney:


In the Keys, the Conch Republic, we think of ourselves as not only as free Americans, but unique and enlightened. We celebrate and rejoice in our freedoms daily. People by the millions visit us annually just to get a sense of how it feels to experience this joy. We live and let live, accept others and are slow to judge others’ way of life. We have even adopted the mantra of “One Human Family.” The whole idea behind this concept is the inclusion and acceptance of the individual, a mutual respect for everyone’s point of view, values, lifestyle, beliefs and political opinion. We must all be wary of falling into a trap of defining who gets to be part of our family. More than anything, we must be ever vigilant that our “One Human Family” mantra is never used as some litmus test. Who wants to see some group or panel passing judgment regarding just “who is pure enough in their political thinking to be admitted to the human family club?” Currently there are no exclusionary clauses for membership in One Human Family. Everyone means everyone or it means no one. If it should morph into a single issue or single party group that doesn’t readily include everyone, the City Commission should reconsider its adoption of the One Human Family resolution. In fact, we’d demand it.


I look forward to the City Commission and The Citizen and its Editorial Board demanding homeless people are part of Key West’s One Human Family…. but I’m not holding my breath … if The Citizen has a problem with my using its editorial … I view editorials as personal public statements by human beings, which, if properly attributed, are not protected by the copyright laws … Ditto for letters to the editor and online comments, which The Citizen chooses to publish, which it did not write .. such as this letter to the editor in Sunday’s edition, from a Key West man I know somewhat.


The election is over. All the Koch brothers’ millions, all the millions from Sheldon Adelson, all the millions from Karl Rove’s super PACs, all the threats of four more years of a “socialist Kenyan Muslim atheist” in the White House, all the twisted and spun exaggerations and outright lies from FOX News, aka Romney Headquarters, all of that was utterly and decisively negated by an increasingly diverse electorate.The Republican Party has just plain gone too far to the right to be taken seriously. They can no longer rely on a shrinking demographic of angry white men to win the day, which brings me to Congress. Now that job No. 1 for the angry white party is moot, I beseech these cold civil warriors to please begin to earn your high pay and top-shelf health insurance plus generous benefits and stop acting like punks! We have had to stomach this infantile and vindictive schoolyard behavior for almost four years now. Your approval rating is the worst it has ever been, so it’s time to take your thumbs out of your mouths and start working together to find real solutions to this country’s real problems. Perhaps one or two of you guys could move a little closer to the center where the rest of us are and start a trend. It’s so crazy, it might work.

Alex Symington

Key West


If The Citizen doesn’t like me using its editorials, letters to the editor and online citizen comments, The Citizen can eliminate those pages, or it can sue me :-).

Continuing, a couple of comments in today’s Citizen’s Voice:

“Seems to me you have a news story waiting to be reported. Wonder if the background leading to The Citizen’s endorsement of Gov. Romney will be revealed, or if readers’ questions will be left unanswered. In my view, the former is a win for The Citizen and the latter is a loss!”

“So, is it true The Citizen’s absentee owners mandated the editorial? Will they ever admit it?”


I had three problems with the Romney endorsement editorial.

1) some years ago The Citizen adopted a policy of not endorsing candidates for office;

2) the Romney endorsement was made to look like The Citizen’s Editorial Board wrote it, but it was written and published without the Editorial Board knowing anything about it, according an email Editorial Board member Todd German sent to me, which I published;

3) The Citizen’s Editor, Tom Tuell, removed his name from the Editorial Board staff head above the Romney endorsement, but left the other Editorial Board members on the staff head, according to the same email from Todd German.

The Citizen owes the public an affirmative duty to disclose 2) and 3) above, and the name of the person who actually wrote the Romney endorsement.

Another topic I am moved to address again today is my view of America’s wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

New School Board member Ed Davidson and I briefly discussed those three wars about a month ago. Ed was a Navy Phantom jet carrier pilot during the Vietnam war. He was flying on John McCain’s wing when McCain was shot down and captured and became a prisoner of war. After returning to the States, Ed became an instructor in the Top Gun program at Naval Air Station Key West. During our brief conversation, using choice words, as is his custom, Ed said he did not like those three wars. I felt he and I were in complete agreement.

Make no mistake, any US soldier who fought in those wars put life and limb and soul at risk. Make no mistake, that was courageous, traumatic. However, that does not make the wars just or something to be celebrated. To the contrary, those wars need to be viewed for what they were. School children need to be taught what those wars were. Adults need to clamor for the US to stop making Vietnams, Iraqs and Afghanistans, which make lots of money for the military-industrial complex General Eisenhower warned against, as his second term as President wound down.

American school children need to be taught, and American adults need to acknowledge, that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were about oil, just like the first Iraq war was about oil. School children need to be taught, and adults need to acknowledge, that US involvement in the Middle East is about oil, and without its oil the Middle East would be of no interest to the US.

All the more reason for scientists to develop an alternative form of energy to power cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, boats, ships, construction equipment, etc. With such an alternative form of energy, oil will cease causing wars, the cost of running human machines will plummet, disposable income and business profits will rise, government tax revenues will rise, and the US and the rest of humanity will be a lot better off.

On another global front, this was on’s Coconut Telegraph yesterday:

The world will end in 42 days on December 21st. Max out your credit cards. If the world doesn’t end you’ll be forgiven your debt they’ll be so happy.

Before I perused yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph, on the way out of the Flea Market, I went by Good Food Conspiracy to get a tropical fruit smoothie. As sometimes happens in that health food store, sometimes I provoke it, New Age discussion comes up.

Yesterday, I asked if the world is going to end when the Mayan Calendar ends in December? This has been a hot topic in the New Age community since the late 1980s.

Nobody at Good Food seemed to think the world will end in December, but there was discussion of a perhaps beneficial shift in human consciousness.

I said three nights before 911, I was asked in my sleep by a familiar voice, “Will you make a prayer for a divine intervention for all of humanity?” I woke up and prayed for a divine intervention for all of humanity.

I said, about a month ago, I was asked to make a prayer for a divine intervention of the feminine into the United States of America.

The woman who was making my smoothie said, in the past two weeks she had spoken by phone with two women who are in shaman training, one in Louisiana, the other in Wisconsin. Both shaman apprentices had told her that the feminine is coming into humanity. I said, I imagined those two shaman apprentices knew of that for some time.

I said my shaman training began in 1987, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The woman behind the counter said that was an interesting place for shaman training to begin. I agreed.

I said the feminine is very different from the masculine, which rules modern civilization. When she comes in, takes over, the changes can be tumultuous. I said that based on my own personal experience with the feminine coming into me and into other people I have known very well.

She is every bit as powerful as the masculine, but her ways are different. She very much does not like wars, but she is very capable of waging them, and does wage them, but not in ways modern civilization wages wars. Her wars are internal, in the soul, in the spirit. Her wars smash and vaporize the ego, conventions, dogmas, and robotic thinking and living. She is about change, real change.

Jesus in the Gospels is as good an example of the manifestation of the feminine as there is in recorded human history. He also is as good an example of a shaman as there is in recorded human history. However, unlike aboriginal shaman apprentices, who are taught by adept aboriginal shamans, Jesus was taught by angels of the Lord.

It was Jesus and Michael who visited me in Los Alamos and started my shaman training. I didn’t know it was them, I only knew it was two angels who woke me up in the wee hours and hovered above me in the darkness and said, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you.” Remembering something, I was struck by three successive bolts of spiritual lightning. The two angels dissolved into the darkness.

I lay beside my new girlfriend, shaking. She was a scientist at one of the Los Alamos labs. Her work, calling, was trying to use vegetation to soak up and neutralize the toxins the other Los Alamos labs were dumping into the ground.

What I remembered, after hearing the angels’ words, was about ten days earlier, in an act of utter desperation, I had prayed, “Dear God, I do not want to die like this, failed. Please help me.” I paused, added, “I offer my life to human service.”

I had no clue what I had asked for. No clue. It was around 2002, as I recall, that I understood the two angels were Jesus and Michael.

Sloan Bashinsky

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